Our Mission

Our mission is to add value for our customers by helping them.


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I still have my original Kick Dummy which I made nearly 2 years ago. It’s still standing and it’s taken some real punishment.
The water based feet mean you can hit, kick or punch the Dummy it will absorb the impact and then immediately right itself. The Kick Dummy will not ‘fall over’.
It is not necessary to use a pump. It only takes a couple of minutes of continuous ‘puff’ to inflate fully.
There is a quick release valve – so the Kick Dummy can be deflated effortlessly and folded away.
The DVD is an instructional guide that leads you through the moves step by step. Once you have been instructed in the correct actions it is necessary to practice the moves.

Our Team

Every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company.


Collen Hunter
Bianca Rust
Leoma Ferro
Tiffany Arras